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My name is Svetlana Ruth.

I am a Certified Medical Interpreter (Russian) and a Licensed trainer.

A linguist by profession with 30 years of experience working in different fields, I thoroughly enjoy helping people to communicate.

Accuracy, timeliness, ability to adjust to different circumstances are some of the skills I learned being a teacher.

I am looking forward to being your guide on the path of

  • learning new skills

  • improving what you already know

  • applying it all to practice.

  • Licensed Interpreters' Trainer (Cross-Cultural Communications, LLC), License CI-000190-01

  • National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI), License 102119

  • State of Oregon Certified Health Care Interpreter (OHA), License 010391

  • Oregon Health Care Interpreters Association (OHCIA) Interpreter of the year, 2017

  • American Translators Association (ATA) credentialed member number 267550

  • Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI) member since 2014

  • Secretary of the Board of Directors of OSTI, 2016 - 2018 

  • Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society (NOTIS) member since 2020 


"Every day coming to class and especially the final I had doubts that I will not pass, but because of your encouragement and kind words always give me the strength to believe in myself and that I can do it. Thank you so much for being the best, fabulous, down to earth and very strict instructor which what we always need to go forward in our training. I am very blessed and grateful I took your training.”  

  • Iowalyn Kandito, 2024

"You are so attentive to each of us and have a very unusual but useful methodology of studying. Thank you for answering all questions and giving us opportunity to think, process the information. Thank you for being honest and bringing to attention some qualities that could be improved, in a kind and polite manner. Even though there are some areas in my English that I need to work on more, I have never felt inferior or less valuable than others. For me, this turned out to be the biggest discovery and gave me the opportunity to work on myself. I wish you to get as many students as possible, whom you can teach and develop even more, you are doing it well.”

"Svetlana's training course is well-organized and full of relevant content. It is universal, designed for English plus any other working language. It is rigorous, but also engaging. She has a way of lifting new interpreters’ spirits and helping them believe in themselves and their future success. I was looking forward to every session! 

It’s not an easy course: expect to engage your brain throughout each class, and expect a fair amount of homework if you want to do well. 

Svetlana upholds all the ethical principles of the profession and models them for the students. This starts with punctuality (Svetlana is never late and she expects as much of her students) and continues into interpreting practice sessions (where accuracy is held to a high standard) and vignettes from her own practice woven into the fabric of the course. 

I highly recommend Svetlana’s Training for Interpreters to anybody who needs the 60-hour interpreter training course to become qualified in the state of Oregon or certified nationally.”

  • Gleb Sapozhnikov, Russian Interpreter, 2022

"You have created a warm, positive, engaging, and inviting learning environment for the class. We all have gained a tremendous amount of skills and knowledge, not limited to interpreting work only from you and each other. Thank you for being an outstanding educator."

  • Yu Hsueh, Mandarin Interpreter, 2020

"I will never forget such a wonderful teacher, thank you for your time, your constructive and kind advice and feedback, and the best teaching methodology you have used in our class."

  • Rahila Juya, Qualified Persian-Dari Interpreter, 2019

"I really enjoyed being a part of this training, and for sure I learned a lot of new things. This training made me feel more comfortable and ready."

  • Grey Gonzalez, Medical Assistant, 2019

"I love the way Svetlana was teaching: we had so many activities, time was flying. I feel more confident and knowledgeable when I interpret now. Thank you!"

  • OHCIA survey, 2018

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