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   Fall training course for Interpreters  

September 6 - November 16 

  • The Medical Interpreter International program is accredited by the Oregon Health Authority (a written notice of OHA approval will be made available to any student or partnering organization upon requests).

  • This program fulfills the training requirements for Qualification of the Healthcare Interpreters in the State of Oregon. 100% attendance and 70% passing score is required for a successful completion of the course. Click here for the full list of requirements.

  • The Oregon Judicial Department, Court Language Access Services, has pre-approved this training program for 10 general credits.

  • Training is accessible for all, in accordance with ADA standards. Participants with any type of disability shall notify the instructor in advance, so reasonable accommodations could be made based on individual needs. This training is following OHA's guidelines: "The contractor shall have written policies and procedures that ensure compliance with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and 2008 Amendments Act (ADAAA), and a written plan to monitor compliance to determine the ADAAA requirements are being met. The plan shall be sufficient to determine the specific actions that will be taken to remove existing barriers and/or to accommodate the needs of participants who request reasonable accommodation or modification (hereinafter “accommodation”). The plan shall include the assurance of appropriate meaningful access to services, activities, and information to participants. The contractor shall provide the appropriate accommodation at no additional cost to the participant and shall promptly respond to, resolve, and maintain a written record of all accessibility complaints. The contractor shall make available to the Oregon Health Authority information related to its ADAAA policies, procedures, plans, and activities including but not limited to accessibility complaints upon request."  

You must register for the class + present proof of proficiency in both languages.

Class is limited to 9 students

every  Tuesday (5 - 9pm) and five Fridays (9am - 1pm)

Fridays: 09/06, 09/20, 10/04, 10/18, 11/08

It's a hybrid course, remote classes on Tuesdays and in person classes on Fridays.

For remote classes every interpreter needs a computers with a camera and reliable internet.


Linguava Headquarters

12106 NE Marx St,

Portland, OR 97220

in the Growth room

The cost of the training is $800.00 + $150.00 for 2 books.

The total cost is $950.00

New scholarship opportunity with our partner - OCIN, contact the trainer

Worksource and Health Careers NW may have scholarship opportunities for you, 

contact them directly: WorkSource Oregon locations oregon 

You may enroll on-line and submit your application here:

You must be currently receiving SNAP, TANF, or OHP Medicaid full coverage to qualify.

This course is an interactive process with discussions, group activities, role plays, visual and audio materials, and practical applications of your knowledge. 

The Medical Interpreter textbook and  The Medical Terminology handbook (Authors: Marjory A. Bancroft, MA, Sofia Garcia Beyaert, MA, Katharine Allen, MA, Giovanna Carriero-Contreras, Denis Socarras-Estrada, MA) published in 2016 and 2019 are used for the course.

The topics covered during the course:

Interpreter Code of Ethics and National Standards

Requirements for Qualified/Certified Health Care Interpreter

Language Access Laws                                               Interpreter's role

Cultural Competency                                                 Medical terminology

Anatomy and physiology                                          Strategic mediation

Memory skills and note taking                                Self Care

Professional Development                                        Modes of interpreting (consecutive/simultaneous)


You must be proficient in English and the target language, the State of Oregon requires an advanced mid-level on the ACTFL scale.

Oregon Health Authority approved language proficiency testing centers include:

Language Line University (Level 3 or above)
Language Testing International testing, both the OPI (telephonic) and OPIc (computer recording) are acceptable.

Click here for other options listed on the OHA site or to contact OHA.

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